House of Prayer Ellettsville

Hearts A'Fire Choir

Mission Statement

1999 saw the beginning of the Hearts A'Fire Choir. The dictionary defines a choir as an organized company of singers, especially in church service. In most people's minds a choir serves within the four walls of the church but God gave us a vision statement from Mark 16:15 that tells us to "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel." So we became an evangelistic choir. God challenged us to not just sing songs, but also to minister the Gospel, the good news, that JESUS SAVES!!!

History & Testimony

We have had members that were so shy they were afraid to pray in front of others who are now not only praying in front of others but are also now going out into our audience and praying with them, and laying on hands with the expectation of them recovering.

We had others who were afraid to stand up and sing in front of people. Their voices so soft they could hardly be heard. Now they sing boldly, loving the Lord and enjoying every moment of it.

We have seen the choir grow in numbers and in unity over the past three years. We have been blessed with our own sound equipment through the generosity of the members of HOPE. Last year we even had our own soundboard and our own musicians on keyboard, guitars and drums.

We have experienced the miracle of healing when a man whose hand was withered was made whole at one of our performances. We have been blessed with able ministers of the Gospel to accompany us, who preach life-changing words that make a difference in people's lives. Many people raise their hands and join us in the sinner's prayer.

Over the past three years we have been allowed to sing at nursing homes, retirement homes, individuals' homes, senior citizen events, street meetings in Terre Haute and Indianapolis, churches, jails and prisons to the tune of an average of 30 a year! Praise God!!! God allowed us to be the first singing group in over ten years permitted to sing in the Federal Penitentiary in Terre Haute! God is so good.

Our vision statements that God has given us each year - even though they look astronomical - have never failed to be fulfilled. As an example, one of the big vision statements He gave us was to be on television, and we were on WTHI, Channel 10, in Terre Haute. The most recent biggie is our own forthcoming CD.

We look forward to the years ahead - and if Jesus tarries we expect to see many more miracles. If He comes - we say, "Even so Lord, come quickly!" Please pray for us.

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